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VC Drumming Woods Maximus MH


 Breed:  Brittany
 Sex:  Male
 Whelped:  March 19, 2015
 Color:  White & Orange
Coat: Soft & Dense
 PennHIP:  R DI=0.28;  L DI=0.36
NAVHDA Natural Ability: Prize 1 – 112 points, 8/29/15
 NAVHDA Utility Test:  Prize 1 – 204 points, 7/15/17
NAVHDA Invitational:  VERSATILE CHAMPION (VC) 9/12/21
 Owner/Breeder  Brent Catura
 Registry:  AKC & NAVHDA
Max’s  Pedigree  
VC Drumming Woods Dukester Of Family Tradition II
 Buddy MH  Drumming Woods MH Full Proof Anne
Drumming Woods VC Autumn Legends Hunters’ Ridge Red
   Maximus    Daisy MH Hunterhill’s Autumn Legend
  Drumming Woods VC Eschenholz D’Buck Kaiser Mack Eschenholz West Star Buck
Demackem Rosie     Eschenholz Rustic Daisy
VC Tolka Belle Grouseline’s Crackerjack
 J’Emma MH Eschenholz Hidden Star Melody